NodeSchool Cluj

Open source workshops that teach web software skills for FREE

Our next NodeSchool event will take place on the 22nd of June 2019. Register here.

Learn Coding

NodeSchool events have been held around the world, and successfully introduce beginners to JavaScript, Node.js, and the command-line.

Regardless of your previous experience with programming in general or just JavaScript, we are here to help you out. So join us and learn coding with us!


You will go through a series of self-paced challenges. No boring talks. All challenges are Open Source and available online at

This means you can continue learning after the event.

For Everyone

We help people of all skill levels–from beginners to experts–discover what's possible with JavaScript. We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event.

This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other and respect the Code of Conduct.

Interested in learning JavaScript frameworks?

Registrations for our next edition are now open!

The event will take place on the 22nd of June 2019. Also don't forget to head over to, and join our community!