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NodeSchool Vancouver is a free monthly meetup for learning code. It's organized and run by volunteers software developers. Here you can learn the basics of JavaScript and Node.js in a supportive environment. Experienced mentors guide you through workshops, and small projects. We answer your questions, and give help if you want it.

Everyone is welcome 💛

Even if this is your first experience programming. The only thing you need to start is a laptop and a sense of adventure! There's no barrier to learning to code.

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About NodeSchool

NodeSchool is an open source project run by volunteers with two goals: creating a high quality programming curriculum and to host community learning events. Our curriculum is focused around the "workshopper" format which was first created by Substack of the Internet in Summer 2013 when he wrote the stream-adventure workshopper.

The defining characteristic of the workshopper is the interactivity and automation. Workshoppers are made up of challenges of increasing difficulty. Each challenge starts by explaining a concept, and then presents a list of requirements for solving the challenge. Learners then try and write a computer program that satisfies the criteria. Find out more at the NodeSchool website.