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NodeSchool Chiang Mai

Learn how to use node.js, npm and other related tools by writing code to solve realistic problems

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Learn Coding

Join us and learn to code with us. You'll learn the basics of Node.js. It's a plus if you know some JavaScript beforehand, but if not we can help you out.


You'll go through a set of self-paced challenges. No boring talks. All challenges are Open Source and available online at This means you can continue learning after the event.

For Everyone

We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other.

Join the Adventure!

Want to have another NodeSchool in Chiang Mai?
We plan on running nodeschool events regularly. Help us plan or show interest on GitHub.

NodeSchool Chiang Mai on Github

Questions? Feedback? Want to help out?

Just open an issue on GitHub and join the discussion.

If you are not on GitHub yet, create a free account and check out the Git-it workshop. It will help you get started.

NodeSchool is a safe space, and takes conduct very seriously. We have a Code of Conduct that all members should read and adhere to.