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NodeSchool Bratislava

🗓 Friday, 30.11.2018, 🕔17:00

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This event is suitable for newcomers with little to no javascript experience. If you have some experience with javascript, you will have a recapitulation of the parts that are essential for React development.

🎓Join us as a mentor if you are experienced with Javascript and React. You will learn from the experience of teaching others.

🎤 main speaker/mentor Marcel Mokoš - Medium publications:

🧸 mentors/helping hands

💻 Bring your notebook. If you do not have a suitable device, please write a comment and ask others for help.

🥤☕️🍰 Sponsored food and beverages by

We do not know if we will be able to cover the whole program for the event. The plan is to follow with an event entirely focused on React development.

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NodeSchool Bratislava will be at local hackerspace Progressbar, at Dunajska 14 street in Downtown of Bratislava. Ring the bell Progressbar and go to the first floor. On the left you will see doors to hackerspace Progressbar.

How to start with NodeSchool

First, you need to install Node.js runtime from and then you can pick a workshopper from

npm install -g learnyounodelearnyounode

More information

Join Gitter chat, place Going on Facebook event and invite others and see you at place


Want to sponsor? We can push or help with your product with our javascript/nodejs newcomers somehow. Also job-offers are welcome

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