Next NodeSchool

Thursday 30th June in Farset Labs at 6pm

Farset Labs


Farset are very kindly hosting. In appreciation a small donation to them of £3 is appreciated. Their door is always open for new members

Compozed Labs


Big Thanks to Compozed Labs for providing pizza

WhiteHat Security


WhietHat Security are printing our stickers


What is NodeSchool

Learn JavaScript

NodeSchool is for people totally new to programming, as well as experienced programmers looking to try a new language or skillset. Knowing some JavaScript will help, but is not necessary.


NodeSchool workshops are self-guided. No boring lectures. All challenges are open source and are available online at This means that you can practice anytime.

For Everyone

We think that learning to program is great and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes our expectation that all participants be kind to each other and respect our Code of Conduct.


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