Austin NodeSchool

Austin NodeSchool is part of the global NodeSchool effort to voluntarily teach Node.js to anyone! The source code for the workshops is completely open source and the effort is entirely community driven. And the best part is, it's all free!


Austin NodeSchool meets on the first Tuesday of the month, and generally rotates locations every month between a North and South location to allow folks a better chance to attend an event. The meetings are working sessions, so please bring a laptop. Mentors will be available to help if you're just getting started with Node, or even if you're a seasoned veteran and want to learn more.

Upcoming Event

No upcoming event scheduled, please check back later!

Event Notes


Austin NodeSchool was launched by Stefan von Ellenrieder, and is supported by Enrique Delgado, Kearney Taaffe, and Dylan Smith.

Want to help? Add your name to our mentors list! (Please let us know if you need access to the Austin NodeSchool team.)

Want to sponsor? We're very grateful for our sponsors, please let us know if you or your company would like to help!

Getting Started

Installing Node

When installing Node through the default install binaries, the install path (on a Mac or Unix machine) is within a directory that requires root permission. This can lead to having to run sudo when interacting with Node. Because of this, we recommend using nvm when installing Node, since it will install Node into your user's home directory (avoiding any permissions problems).


Once Node is installed, familiarize yourself with the Node environment using the links below:


If this is your first time using NodeSchool, try some of the core workshops. Make sure to attend a local event!

Additional Resources

If you're stuck on anything NodeSchool, or Node in general, please feel free to contact us.