NodeSchool Osaka

Helping you JavaScript since 2014

NodeSchool is a collection of workshops that help you learn JavaScript by writing code and solving challenges. Join the Osaka community on GitHub, or Live Developer Chat on Gitter.

npm install -g learnyounode learnyounode
» HELLO WORLD(こんにちは世界) » BABY STEPS(ベイビーステップ) » MY FIRST I/O!(私の初めてのI/O!)
npm install -g browserify-adventure-jp browserify-adventure
npm install -g levelmeup-jp levelmeup

It's also world-wide community of meet-ups where mentors and students work through the courses together and share what they've learnt.

It's a group of volunteers around the world, answering questions, and explaining concepts.

It's all open-source so anyone can contribute. It's all powered by volunteers; anyone can write a course, host an event, or answer a question.

It all sounds too good to be true, but it's real and it's pretty awesome, so come get involved.