• Learn Coding

    Join us and learn coding with us. You are going to learn the basics of Node.js. It's a plus if you know some JavaScript beforehand, but if not we can help you out.

  • Self-Guided

    You will go through a set of self-paced challenges. No boring talks. All challenges are Open Source and available online on nodeschool.io. This means you can continue learning after the event.

  • For Everyone

    We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other and respect the Code of Conduct.

Code Of Conduct

We're taking diversity serious and are commited to provide a safe and open environment! By attending NodeSchool you agree to our Code of Conduct

If you are not on GitHub yet, create a free account and check out the Git-it workshop. It will help you to get started.